A mild case of panic set in this morning when I internalized the fact that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Frankly, I’ve been so busy learning how to blog on SLOG this week that I have lost track of the days. I will be hosting a minor ( by Dolan family standards) celebration at my home in Dallas with my parents, our younger son Will, Liz, and Sheila and her daughter Ruthie. Cooking for eight adults should be easy.

But for some reason, I got very nervous about the turkey. I was mulling the frozen vs fresh decision and how big of a turkey to get. It was then that I remembered a Satellite Sister favorite, Mary Clingman who for 23 years has been working the Turkey-talk line at 1-800-Butterball. The Satellite Sisters have made it a holiday tradition to talk to Mary who has wonderful funny stories about all the goofy things we do with our turkeys this time of year. I thought that if I just gave Mary a ring her calm and experienced voice would settle my rising anxiety.

I checked out the website to prepare for the phone call and was drawn into the reassuring world of turkey holiday preparations. Do you know they have an interactive Turkey and Stuffing Calculator? You can enter the number of adults and children and Butterball will tell you how big a turkey to cook and how much stuffing to prepare. It is fantastic! You have to try it. I also perused the home food safety section because I know Sheila is a stickler for all things clean and safe. You can also see pictures of all the women who work the Turkey-talk line. They all look so cute with their phones.

I felt so much better just seeing Mary’s picture that I never dialed the hotline. Or at least not yet but stay tuned.

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