050223 Podcast: Health News, Better Breakfasts, Costco Tricks and What Not to Watch

Satellite Sisters

PODCAST is UP! Health and wellness topics on our mind: mental health for teens, aging necks and all those middle-aged groans and better breakfasts. Plus, Costco knows how to upsell and Julie has the best dessert recommendation. Plus, tow shows we won’t be watching: Dead Ringers and Fatal Attraction.



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Show Links:

Shopping at Costco according to Julie:


Two Important News Stories about Youth Mental Health:

Increase in Mental health ER visits



School studies what they might have done better.



Lian’s Wellness News:

Let’s talk about breakfast! 


Let’s talk about our necks!


Let’s talk about the middle-aged groan! 


Cold plunges for health


Watch out! Dog walking ER visits on the rise.





Entertaining Sisters:


Julie is refusing to watch the new Fatal Attraction. She explains why. 



Lian is refusing to watch the new Dead Ringers. She explains why. 



Top Chef Quotes Out Of Context:  There’s still time to post your favorites in this Facebook Group thread. https://www.facebook.com/groups/satellitesisters


SO sad to have finished The Diplomat.  But news about renewal for S2!



#MetGala on vogue.com. Watch the arrivals. 



Author Connie Wang will be featured on our Best Beach Bag Books episode next week.

Her book is Oh My Mother: A Memoir in Nine Adventures.



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