020124 Remix: New Induction Range, plus Cozy Couch and Epic Travel

Satellite Sisters

Meet the new Range!

Breaking 2024 news about Lian’s new 48 inch AGA Mercury Induction Range! It’s a beauty. Then Lian does Legoland plus author Patricia talks to us about her book One Thousand Places to See Before You Die. Macchu Picchu, Petra, Jordan, Pyramids of Giza- Julie has hit them all! Next, a visit with Sheila on The Cozy Couch! Breathe, reach + snack, people!

Then listener Ellen James calls in from the Sundance Film Festival. She volunteers as a usher there and has some great celeb sightings. Monica tells a tale of buying a iPod. It does not go well with the young salesperson in the tee shirt. And we play a round of Monica’s Believe It Or Not. Which news story is the true one? Only Monica knows.


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