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013123 Podcast: Today’s Parenting , Agressive Wellness Offerings, Trader Joe’s Favorites, TV & Book Recs

013123 Show Notes! Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan have a packed podcast this week. 

Generational Differences when it comes to parenting, paper napkins and cow’s milk.  Or how about Wellness Trends We Reject. And all the good stuff as Julie tests Trader Joe’s Top Products. Plus, Book/Film/TV Recommendations. 



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Two alarming new places in Liz’s Santa Monica neighborhood: 

First, Perspire.  A Sauna Studio. 

Second,  FaceGym.  Srsly?  “Workout”  your face with a “trainer”? 

Are saunas even good for you?  Answer here. 

Lian’s appearance at the opening of Zibby’s Bookshop in Santa Monica is Sunday February 19th at 11 am. 

Super Mom Donna Kelce has two sons playing in the Super Bowl. Who would you root for?  

Julie asks: Is parenting getting harder? This generation of parents thinks so. 

Financial differences between how the generations spend their money. 

Lian loves her Hypervolt personal massager


Lian’s Magazine & Catalog Report: 

Is Talbots rebranding tunics

Better Homes & Garden INVESTIGATIVE report on GLASSWARE!!! Up or down storage?

Julie tests the top product recommendations in the Trader Joe’s Awards during her ice storm. 


Entertaining Sisters:

Liz loves Slow Horses Season 2 on Apple TV+.  Maybe even better than S1. Russian sleeper agents reactivated! Watch here

Julie loves the film A Man Called Otto with Tom Hanks.  

Winter Book Recommendations all listed here at Bookshop.org.

Small World by Laura Zigman

The Sweet Spot by Amy Poeppel

Audio: Maame by Jessica George


Coming up next week:  Kim Fay, Love + Saffron