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011723: Travel News from Las Vegas & Princess Cruises, plus Food Allergies, Geezer Happy Hour

It’s Liz and Lian holding down the fort today. We talk travel, food allergies, PR pitches, memoirs about fame and podcast recommendations.


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Links From The Show!

Martha Stewart restaurant in Las Vegas. Liz visits The Bedford! Menu here. 

Lian visits the Princess Discovery. And Brooke Shields takes her on a 360 Tour of the Mediterranean

Unintended Consequences of Food Labeling from Los Angeles Times


MORE Geezer Happy Hours please! 

Entertaining Sisters:

Paul Newman Memoir: The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Man

Prince Harry Memoir.  Spare.

Hard Fork Podcast episode about ChatGPT with English Teacher.

Try ChatGPT: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/



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