Work-At-Home Parents Nightmare, Marissa Mayer, World Sleep Day

BBC professor tv fail

Best of the Internet! Every work-at-home parents nightmare, right? But we say #staynoisy Toddler Girl! We like your swagger.

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Lian Dolan celebrates “The Best of the Internet”.  We love the BBC video of the professor being interrupted by his kids during an interview,  the memes that sprang up from Kellyanne Conway’s comment on microwaves being used as tools of surveillance and the outpouring of love for Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the author of a much shared Modern Love column, who passed away. The first is the ultimate work-at-home parents nightmare, the second was a nutty “all in good fun” alternative to news and the third is just a heartbreaker, but a reminder that the internet can also spread love.

In other news, Liz is signing up to be a delegate of World Sleep Day. She is hoping that her responsibilities mainly involve napping in luxury hotels. She also wants to remind us that even though Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo severance package is insane, it’s nice to see a woman get overpaid as much as men! But before you get too excited, here’s a reminder from Fortune that the guy coming in to do her old job will be making DOUBLE what she was!  Who are you mad at now, internet??

Mikaela Shiffrin

Mikaela Shiffrin is on the verge of becoming the world’s top skier this year, an honor that will not come to Liz who sustained a career-threatening injury last night at her book club.

In her Operation Sea Turtle update about her health and fitness program, Liz reports on an athletic injury sustained during her book club.  That’s pathetic. Lian has several inspirational sports stories: the guy who paddled across the Atlantic, the amazing UConn women’s basketball team and Mikaela Shiffren, about to become only the 4th American to win a skiing World Cup.

And poor signage at the Louvre leads to a strike.  This is why you have to love the French.

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Liz: You think the Tour de France is hard?

You may think the big cycling news this weekend was Carlos Sastre winning the Tour De France. I thought so too until I saw this story in today’s New York Times about
“a small but growing community that is putting an extreme twist on the most whimsical of devices.
Mountain unicycling, pioneered during the 1990s on the West Coast, has won fans around the globe. Regional muni events draw hundreds of riders to California and Utah. The North American Unicycle Championships and Convention took place this month in Rapid City, S.D. Similar events have been held in England and Australia.”

Yes. Mountain Unicycling. “Fans around the world.” The next big thing. Who knew?

I am reluctant to judge how people choose to use their spare time. My friend Chris refers to golf as “the sport for people who have lost the will to live.” Obviously, millions disagree with him. But mountain unicycling? Really? I always thought of the unicycle crowd as collectors of squirting flowers and giant shoes. This just seems crazy. I guess that’s why the nickname of one of the guys profiled here is Krazy. Go check out their video and let me know what you think. Is Krazy crazy? Or am I just lazy?

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