Liz’s Epic Grammy Report, Martha Stewart Super Grandma, Meditation Fail

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, we get Liz’s EPIC Grammy rundown and pre-show Prince prep, Julie’s competitive response to Martha Stewart Super Grandma moving in on her Urban Nana turf, Lian’s Valentines Day and Birthday plans plus what science says about great dancers.

Liz Dolan gets ready to go to the Grammys for the Prince tribute.

Purple headband? Yes. Purple scarf? Yes. Purple sunglasses? Yes. She went for it all.  Liz is ready for Prince tribute at the 2017 Grammys. Listen to complete details on this week’s podcast.

Getting Red Carpet ready is not easy, especially when Liz realized that the Grammys would include a major tribute to her main man Prince.  Have you ever walked into Nordstroms and said “Just show me everything you have in purple”?  Probably not, but Liz did.  Thanks to all the members of the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group who participated in the crowdsourcing of advice on her purple headband versus purple sunglasses.  As you can see from the final product, she decided to go with both. Add in her hairdresser Star and make-up man Alejandro and VOILA. Grammy magic?

Liz also gives us her list of the 3 moments that were better IN the theatre (Adele, Gaga, The Time + Bruno Mars do PRINCE) and the 3 that were better on TV (Bruno Mars first number, James Corden’s comedy, Beyonce’s celestial universal maternal goddess!).

Martha Stewart and her grandchildren on Satellite Sisters podcast and blog

Julie Dolan and Martha Stewart have always managed to peacefully co-exist but Julie warns today that this may change if Martha tries to compete on her Urban Nana turf.

Julie has a warning for Martha Stewart.  Stay off her Urban Nana turf even if you can throw the world’s best space-themed party for your 2 grandchildren!  Reluctantly, Julie admits that the March issue of Martha Stewart Living with a photo spread about the party may be the best issue ever. Julie also has other parenting questions about best sleepovers strategy for parents and teen sleep needs.

Lian has been looking into what makes a woman a great dancer.  As Shakira would say (and researchers now prove), the hips don’t lie. 

Liz’s Operation Sea Turtle update include actual news about turtles plus a question:  What’s the line between meditation and napping?  She seems to have crossed it.

Lian brings us an unexpected theory of the history of Valentine’s Day.  Move over, Romans.  Looks like Chaucer may deserve the credit.  Plus her Oscar viewing plans go slightly awry with her husbanding her friends are taking her to the Opera for her birthday this week.  That’s right.  Opera!

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Satellite Sisters Get Olympic Fashion Advice!

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Julie Dolan shares Olympic fashion advice from Nastia Liukin that she believes Lian and Liz should adopt when in Rio.  But first Liz and Julie make a plea for civility online in all things election-related. Comments bring out the worst in people, so we are asking you to think twice before lashing out. Far be it from us to ask you not to express yourself, but start by asking yourself this one question:  Has your mind ever been changed by what someone posted in your Facebook feed?  No? Exactly. So express yourselves freely but no need to be uncivil. Okay, people??  Julie also speaks out on behalf of the potential First Ladies one more time. It won’t be the last.

Estonian sisters compete in women's marathon at #Rio2016

Olympic identical triplets! Leila, Liina and Lily Luik from Estonia will make history as the first identical triplets to compete against each other at the Olympic games in Rio this summer. All three 30-year-olds will be competing in the women’s marathon. Go sisters!

We are very excited about the upcoming Olympic Games!  Lian and Liz will be attending #Rio2016 starting next week but first we have some comments on the Opening Ceremonies outfits for the USA, the best Olympic sibling story ever and Nastia Liukins beauty tips for the Games.  Can we avoid wedgie picks?  Will our fingernails be expressive enough? And what’s our lucky charm?

Why should we care about doping at the Olympics? Read this fascinating story about Olympic swimmer Shirley Babashoff who was cheated out of Olympic gold medals by East German women at the Montreal Games in 1976. Julie and Liz discuss how it changed her life forever.

Yesterday was Equestrian Day at Nana Camp in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Julie had a slight saddle situation.  It sound like a cartoon but she survived it.

Liz and Monica went to see Jason Bourne this weekend and then came home and watched a Bourne marathon on television. We loved the new one but are especially partial to the second one.

Liz and Monica went to see Jason Bourne this weekend and then came home and watched a Bourne marathon on television. We loved the new one but are especially partial to the second one The Bourne Supremacy.

On cultural front, we tackle the new Jason Bourne movie and how it compares to the earlier versions, the new production of CATS on Broadway and Harry Potter hits the West End in London.

Listen to our show this Tuesday August 9 because Lian Dolan will be back for our complete Olympic kick-off show.  This is the day before Liz and Lian leave for #Rio2016 so we’ll lay out the complete plan.  It’s a good time to subscribe.  Lian and Liz will be covering the Olympics via social media so make sure you join the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group and follow us @satsisters on Twitter and Instagram.

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Approval Junkie Faith Salie Visits.

Thanks, Faith Salie for a fun discussion about your new book Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much. We think many in the Satellite Sisterhood might suffer from the same syndrome. Red flags!

Thanks, Faith Salie for a fun discussion about your new book Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much. We think many in the Satellite Sisterhood might suffer from the same syndrome. Red flags!

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Faith Salie is our special guest.  Faith’s new book is Approval Junkie: Adventures In Caring Too Much. You know Faith from her commentaries on CBS Sunday Morning and as a panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

In our discussion of Approval Junkie, Liz raises three red flags with Faith.  1) Marrying her “wasband”, 2) seeking fame as a sitcom star, and 3) coming out against pets on CBS Sunday Morning.  On this third item, we respect her POV and desire to speak her pet truth on this but for God’s sake Faith, NEVER read the comments!  She knows that now.  We re sorry she learned the hard way.  Whether its about the new Ghostbusters or female candidates like Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, the comments section is where it gets ugly.

Also on today’s show, we discuss the fall of Roger Ailes at Fox News after the accusation of sexual harassment brought forward by Gretchen Carlson.  Julie raised this issue on last week’s podcast.  It takes a lot for a woman to step forward and accuse a man in power of abusing that power.  Kudos to you, Gretchen.  You know what we have to say on this: #staynoisy.  Here’s the New York Times story on the culture inside Fox News that allowed sexual harassment to continue.

Ferris dogs wearing pink socks

This is not Ferris. This is a stunt dog. This stunt dog is wearing the pink socks that Liz talks about on today’s show. Ferris would not pose for a photo.

Liz has a lot of explaining to do about the pink booties she bought for Ferris.  He’s an old guy now and has trouble standing.  He needed some gripping socks but did they have to be pink??

Julie starts Nana Camp in Colorado this week.  Its all about outdoor activities but with plenty of time set aside for naps.  For all.

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Satellite Sisters After Taxes Film Fest

On today’s show Sheila and Monica present their First Annual After Taxes Film Festival because they are too broke to go out.  This podcast is a Satellite Sisters New To You show from May 5, 2008.

On today's After Taxes Film Fest, Sheila and Monica recommend the ultimate concert film, The Band's The Last Waltz.

On today’s After Taxes Film Fest, Sheila and Monica recommend the ultimate concert film, The Band’s The Last Waltz.

The videos they recommend are Ira and Abby,  Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Martin Scorsese’s documentary about the Rolling Stones Shine A Light, and a Satellite Sisters fave The Last Waltz by Martin Scorsese for The Band.  You know this podcast is from back in the day because both Sheila and Monica rented the videos at long-gone Blockbuster. In our iTunes/Netflix/Amazon/Hulu era, these movies are still out there, sisters,  and we still recommend them.

If you miss Levon Helm as much as we do, Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz will bring him back for a bit.

If you miss Levon Helm as much as we do, Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz will bring him back for a bit.

Also on today’s show, Monica has a special Believe It Or Not Quiz. The theme is:  Products the Lab Rats will never test.  Seaweed shirts. Sexy Time Patch. Galloping Hell Chili Sauce.  Which one is real?

Also discussed: Liz’s lunch with some Nobel Prize economists and whether or not to disclose your compensation to your colleagues.

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Satellite Sisters Roulette: Sheila, Monica and Lian April 2, 2008

Satellite Sisters test dry shampoos

Lab Rats Monica and Sheila may have single-handedly sparked the no-poo movement in 2008 with their groundbreaking investigation of dry shampoos. Kudos to Lian for the live in-studio testing!

Welcome to Satellite Sisters Roulette.  At the Satellite Sisters Meet-Up in Washington DC on Friday, the lovely Next Gen Satellite Sisters who organized it introduced me this concept.  The idea is this:  Sometimes when there’s is not a new show but you need your Satellite Sisters fix, you just go into our archive and pick a show at random.  More often than not, hilarity ensues. Click here to listen to today’s podcast from our archive.

So that’s what I did today, purposely going DEEP in the vault.  Here is a show from April 2, 2008.  Lian, Monica and Sheila cover everything from the leeches Demi Moore is using to preserve her youth to the Lab Rats testing of dry shampoo.  Looking back from 2016 to this discussion from 2008, it seems like Monica and Sheila were in the vanguard of the No Poo movement.  Lab Rat Monica even gives classic product Psssst a “two paws up” rating.  It’s a good thing she found out in “the Walgreen’s Museum”.

Now, of course, its available at amazon.

To play your own version of  Satellite Sisters Roulette, go to iTunes, Stitcher or our complete Satellite Sisters Audio Library at  And when you find a favorite, share it with your own Satellite Sisters.


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