Janet Yellen, Pippa Middleton, Complete Solar Eclipse, Butt Glitter


Pippa Middleton No Ring No Bring

Julie is incensed at Pippa Middleton’s No Ring No Bring policy for her wedding, so the rest of the sisters are incensed on her behalf. Going to weddings solo is a downer, even if there’re  plenty of paparazzo to provide excitement.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Liz reports on her college conference with Janet Yellen, Julie has a royal report including Pippa Middleton and Prince Philip and Lian shares what Google tells us about our lives versus Facebook.  Plus Tuesday trends and a movie review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

First up, Liz and some college friends took in Janet Yellen’s speech at Brown University on Friday.  Fed Chair Yellen wanted us to understand that removing the impediments from women’s full participation in the workforce could improve the US’s annual economic output by 5%, a huge number.  Those impediments?  Lack of paid maternity leave, childcare and flexible work schedules.  Surprise.  Liz admits the she was hoping for more behind the scenes dish from Yellen, but apparently Fed Chairs don’t dish.

Julie thinks Pippa Middleton’s No Ring No Bring rule for her wedding is grossly unfair, not just to Prince Harry but to everyone ever forced to attend a wedding solo. Julie celebrates Prince Philip’s retirement from public life by sharing his worst racist public gaffes.

Where will you be during this summer’s total solar eclipse? Liz will be “in the totality” in Central Oregon, whatever that means.

Our Facebook Life versus your Google Life.  Lian agrees. Don’t let Facebook make you miserable, says  in the New York Times.  Try googling “My husband is…” and see what comes up first.

Are you planning to take in the August 2017 total solar eclipse in the US?  Liz is and she’s positioning the get “in the totality” in Central Oregon.

Julie’s Tuesday Trends and Lian’s Hodgepodge: Mantras in the Wall Street Journal,  Butt Glitter everywhere else.

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