Open Marriage, Flying Cars and Best Grandparents Ever.

Julie Dolan garage: she is not a hoarder

This is NOT Julie Dolan’s garage. We swear. We got this one on Google but Julie does have a little bit of an organizing problem for which she sought professional help. NO, she is not a hoarder.

On this week’s podcast,  Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan tackle Open Marriage, the importance of adult daughters in long-term care, Pippa Middleton’s pre-wedding fitness progress and why Baby Boomers are shaping up to the the Best Grandparents Ever.  First up, Julie’s home organizing fail. She is not a hoarder, people! Did she say that often enough on this episode? NOT.

This New York Times cover story on Open Marriages sparked a lively discussion between Lian and Julie, both long-time marrieds.  No judgment here, but lots of opinions.  Next, The Best Healthcare Solution:   Read the article here about adult daughters and their role in long-term care. It is an eye-opener. Get yourself an adult daughter if you want good care at a reasonable cost- but the situation comes with financial repercussions.

Flying cars are coming to Dallas. Will Julie take Uber Elevate for a ride?

Pippa Middleton’s Pre-Wedding Shape-Up.  Julie thinks Pippa needs a break from the pressure. Lian is not too sure about the two-outfit wedding rule for Pippa’s nuptials. That’s a lot to ask.

Lesley Stahl lets us that Boomers are going to be The Best Grandparents Ever!!! Read her piece here.

Is Avocado Toast the financial ruin for Millenials? We support toast, but not at $22 a pop. Come on, people.  It’s pretty easy to make at home. Try it.

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