Random Thoughts on Sochi #12: Sochi Sophie’s Choice of Figure Skating vs. Ice Hockey

by Lian on February 20, 2014

My own meme. Thank you, Nicole!

Celebrating my birthday with skating, hockey, the great American women in the bobsled , that wholly wholesome youth minister who rocked the ski halfpipe and my man Ted Liggety’s well deserved Gold Medal in the men’s giant slalom. It’s an embarrassment of birthday gifts. And I haven’t even had a chance to review the madness of skicross . Even though I have to share my Olympic viewing time with UEFA soccer matches and a trip to the James Turrell retrospective at LACMA, I’m manage to pack in a lot of gaming and sporting in the last few days.

Even the medal drought by the American speedskater’s can’t dim the glow. (What are the Dutch hiding in those Orange suits, anyway?)

I enjoy coffee an the Russian defeat. My brother Dick texts in his analysis: lazy Russian players who won’t pass. Then I hear the hockey analyst on NBC say exactly the same thing.

So now I trust when Dick sez: the Canadians really haven’t gotten going yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I’m glad we had the chance to beat Russia earlier in the Games.

Let’s go, USA. I arrive home from my birthday haircut to catch the last period of the US game. Well done, boys. Keep it up.

Time for the women’s skating coverage . I watch with my roomie, Brookes, 18. We start our session by me having to explain again the difference between the Team Ice Skating and the Individual competition. Thanks, Olympics, I’ve enjoyed doing this 100 times.

Johnny and Tara scream Understated Elegance in black sequins and lace. My son asks, “Where do you buy a jacket like that?” Not Men’s Warehouse, my friend, not Men’s Warehouse.

Hail to the Queen. Kim Yuna gave me chills, chills!

Oh, that poor girl in the black outfit with the heinous feathers who has to follow Queen Yuna. It’s like watching a different sport. Is she playing hockey?

Halfway through Feather Dancer’s performance, my son asks, ‘Is she still warming up?” Oh, dear.

I like Gracie Gold. But her music leaves me scratching my head. Not melodic, kind of off-putting for me. But she does a wonderful job.

My son asks, “Where does she live in LA?” He has some free time this Gap Year. I think he’ll track her down.

I’m beside myself as Johnny promises to dress up Terry “Terrance” Gannon tomorrow and dress to celebrate Tara’s win at the 1998 Games. Could he be planning Gold lame?

To borrow a phrase from World Cup soccer, the “Group of Death” is warming up on the ice.

I don’t recognize Julia without her red coat. Oh, she’s down.

Personally, I think one Beillmann per performance is quite enough.

Oh, I want to hug that little Julia. She looks about 12 in that kiss n’ cry area.

How lovely to see the lovely Carolina Kostner do so well.  My favorite costume of the women’s event. That dress looks like it comes from the Downton Abbey meets Milan collection.

Well, I think the judges have made it clear: they don’t like Pink Floyd.  Or Ashley Wagner.

Now that Julia has let them down, the Russians get behind Mila Kunis doppelganger Adelina Sotnikova. Fickle, fickle Russians. They’s forgotten Julia already!

But  The New Russian Teen put down a dynamic performance. Loved it.

Poor Mao Asada.

Johnny wraps up the evening with this gem: “This is ladies figure skating. This is a bunch of divas. Don’t stand in their light.”

Amen, Johnny, Amen.

Do you think they say the same thing about the US Women’s Hockey Team? hahaha.

Your Random Thoughts?

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Brenna February 20, 2014 at 7:35 AM

This poor girl Elizaveta Ukolova is in slow motion! I had to check that I hadn’t hit the slo-mo button on my remote!!

Brenna February 20, 2014 at 8:48 AM

Ha! Ice dancing explanation 100 times! Just told my 19 year old gap year roomie AGAIN too!!

SatelliteSister Monica February 20, 2014 at 5:46 PM

Yuna Kim was mesmerizing last night. So lovely-the best of the night by a mile for me. Her music was so beautiful and the chartreuse dress brought back thoughts of Peggy Fleming wearing the same color. I cried.
I peaked at the results today. I already know who won, but it will not take away from my enjoyment of watching tonight.
Agreed about Gracie Gold’s music.

SatelliteSister Monica February 20, 2014 at 5:51 PM

Peeked at the results not peaked.

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