Sex! Drugs! Free Love! Women's Lib! Power to the People! It's 1969 on Downton Abbey. Complete with Ms. Bunting, Buzz Kill.

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday podcast:

 Listen to the show here:

Urban Nana reports on the storm of the century in Brooklyn. Stroller Snow Tires? Check

Julie visits Oklahoma City for a wedding and the OKC Memorial

Tired of Book Club? Lian has 7 news clubs to start with your friends

Food Product Picks & Pans. Why, Triscuit, why?

Downton Abbey Re-Cap: Hey, man… it’s 1969 in Downton. Sex, Drugs, Free Love, women’s right’s, power to the people! And then, Ms. Bunting, the buzz kill.

Plus, read all about That Sex Book on DA here


Listen to LAST Weekend’s show here. Lian, Liz and Monica on the thrill of robotics and the agony of defaltegate. Plus, wacky events in Portland.

Listen to today’s Satellite Sisters.

Yes, Satellite Sisters. There was way more going on in sports this week than Deflategate. How about that Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel? (Insert your own balls joke here.)

On today’s Satellite Sisters Lian, Monica and Liz ask the big questions:

Where are we going to get those oddball items once Sky Mall is gone?  Full-sized Yeti, Piddle Place Pet Relief Systems and Wine Glass Holdeer Necklaces.  Where will we go?

What’s on TV when the NFL is not?  Turns out LOTS of events we LOVE.  Men’s Downhill from Kitzbuhel, Australian Open, Figure Skating Championships, X Games from Aspen.

What’s up with Tom Brady’s footballs?  He didn’t notice the difference?  Hmmmmm.

What’s Liz’s Superbowl gig?  Yes, she’s got one.

What are the craziest events coming up in Portland?  Monica’s got three real life events that sound like they are made for TV. Get ready to cuddle.  Or snuggle.  Or something.

Who did Lian see at the Clippers game this week?  Other than NBA players? MAJOR sighting.

How is Liz going to find Satellite Sister Tracy tonight at the SAG Awards?  It’s all about watching for accessories.

Satellite Sisters 012015: Urban Nana Update from Brooklyn; Health News; plus, Downton Abbey Re-cap

January 20, 2015

Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday Satellite Sisters podcast: Update From Brooklyn: Urban Nana reports on latest trend in childwatching Health News: Sitting Kills & Souping is the New Juicing From College: Stanford has to open it’s Black Box of Admissions and Can Soriority Parties cut down on Campus Rape? Tuesday Trends: Robots [...]

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Satellite Sisters January 18, 2015: Sheila shares news about what she wears on her head at home. Liz, Monica and Lian are taken aback but carry on with news, talks and laughs.

January 18, 2015

Listen to today’s Satellite Sisters here. Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian tackle: Sheila’s take on the latest fashion trends and what she wears on her head when she is home alone. No photos please. Lian’s has a warning on trendy new food and diet advice.  Her German Shepherd Mika disapproved this new advice years ago. Lian wants [...]

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Satellite Sisters 011315: Downton Gabby Returns! Our Downton Re-cap plus, Urban Nana, Golden Globes & Life without the Dog

January 13, 2015

Downton Gabby Returns!  Julie and Lian are back with their Downton Re-cap! Will Rose get a wireless? Willthe WW1 monument be built on the cricket pitch? Will Mary’s sexcapade be a disaster or a success? Listen here:   Lian and Julie connect on Tuesday for: Downton Gabbey Returns! our first Downtom Abbey re-cap of [...]

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