On today’s Satellite Sisters, Julie, Liz and Sheila tackle:

The Comet Landing!  That little Philae lander has our imaginations fired up even if it is out of juice.

Wake up, Philae lander, Wake up!

Celebrity Sighting!  Sheila sees a Grande Dame right in her local cafe.

Introverts Unite!  Sheila has the latest on this movement .

Julie share FOUR trends.  Are we participating in any of them??

And all three sisters have a few domestic woes.  What to do?

Julie’s also looking for “exciting side dishes”  for Thanksgiving.  Suggestions, please, but no kale and no brussels sprouts.

Lian and Julie on the Tuesday show:

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A Russian/Texan Wedding

Asian Summit and International Fashion Incident

Big Mayo: Hellman’s vs. Just Mayo

Tide Pods Consumer Alert

Big Money Divorce: Who gets the hand tools?

The Mommy Lifestyle. Julie and Lian disagree on this article in the New York Times: Our Mommy Problem 

Taking Family Leave if you’re a new father

What Mia did: Whose German shepherd is that? 

Satellite Sisters 110914: Monica’s Birthday, Citizen Diplomacy, Faux Fur for Real Dogs, Amy Poehler LoveFest and Another Bright Idea

November 9, 2014

Satellite Sisters 110914: Julie, Liz, Monica and Lian discuss: Listen to the show here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/satellitesisters/SS110914.mp3 Amy Poehler Lovefest: Click here to find the audiobook of Yes, Please at the Satellite Sisters Audible URL .  Julie Practices Diplomacy Lian goes back to the Seventies Movie & Book recommendations: St. Vincent and Funny books by Funny Women Monica’s Birthday [...]

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SS110414: Car Talk Remembrance; TV Talk; Cleaning Quiz; Kudos to BlogHer and Lisa Kudrow; and Viking Cruises, take us away!

November 4, 2014

Julie and Lian on a Tuesday:  Election Day Embarrassment November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month:  Julie recommends a movie and a book. Book: Click here for more information about the book Slow Dancing with Stranger News from the Satellite Sisters Archives: When the Tappet Brothers met the Satellite Sisters. A Good-bye to Tom from Car Talk Lisa [...]

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Satellite Sisters November 2, 2014: Next Gen Meghan Joins In

November 2, 2014

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Liz and Julie are joined by Next Gen Satellite Sister niece Meghan. News, talk and laughs include: Sheila’s daughter Ruthie scores a major prize. Julie and Meghan have a Halloween recap. Liz’s bedroom ceiling collapsed but she carries on. Richard Branson on the Virgin Galactic crash And Bruce Springsteen gets his Russian [...]

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