Kalette-- does it taste as terrifying as it looks?

Lian and Julie connect on the Tuesday show:

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Ebola comes to Brooklyn… and so does Julie

Lian uncovers a mystery at a neighborhood Open House

Martha Stewart speaks out and we love it

Parking Space Apps: Good Idea or Affront to Democracy?

Toast Update!

Magazineland: A new veggie that Julie will hate and a term you can drop with the cool kids

Picks & Pans:

The Judge

The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

Julie loved it! Find it on Audible, too.

Find the book here:  http://www.amazon.com/Orphan-Train-Christina-Baker-Kline/dp/0061950726#


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SS102614: Sheila, Monica, Liz and Lian on Chia Seed Poisoning


Mindy meet Malala. And thanks, Mindy Kaling, for your tale of mistaken identity.

On today’s Satellite Sisters, Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian tackle:

- Why you need to continue to support serious journalism.  Exhibit A?  Today’s front page story in The New York Times about ISIS.

- Lian’s neighborhood meeting gone totally off the rails.

- Sheila’s daughter has a job interview with “an A-list director.”  She won’t say who but she will say what advice she has offered.

- Monica has deep and thoughtful organizing advice from expert Marie Kondo.

- Liz reviews Cafe Gratitude and its not sure what she’s really feeling is gratitude.

- Chia seed poisong? Sheila comes close. Then she has a message for Renee Zellweger.

Satellite Sisters Podcast 102114: Two Oscars; Mrs. Clooney & Ms. Lewinsky; Jumpsuit News and Topiary Trends, plus Magazine Highlights from Real Simple, O Magazine, Health & Cooking Light

October 21, 2014

Lian and Julie connect:  Listen to the show here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/satellitesisters/SS102114.mp3 The Two Oscars: One who loves women and one who doesn’t. To read Anna Wintour’s tribute to Oscar de la Renta, click here: http://www.vogue.com/3285461/anna-wintour-remembers-oscar-de-la-renta/ Women in the News: Mrs. George Clooney and Ms. Monica Lewinsky News from Russia: A suspicious murder and more Jumpsuit News Topiary Trends: Hello [...]

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Satellite Sisters Julie, Liz and Lian Tackle Ebola, the Cloud and A Headline-Making Halloween Melee.

October 19, 2014

Here’s today’s new Satellite Sisters. Julie, Liz and Lian tackle the world including: Julie’s latest news from Dallas on the Ebola panic. Liz’s struggle with the Cloud. Lian’s favorite seasonal headline + a night at the theatre. Plus the sisters debate whether egg freezing is a corporate benefit that supports women or a test that [...]

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Satellite Sisters Podcast 101414: Heartland Road Trip, Snobby Cities, News form North Korea, Flea Markets Trends and Martha v. Gwyneth

October 14, 2014

Julie and Lian connect on the Tuesday show  Listen here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/satellitesisters/SS101414.mp3 Heartland Road Trip America’s Snobbiest City News: Free after 17 years. Katies Couric’s interview with Susan Mellon. You can find the interview here: http://news.yahoo.com/katie-couric-interviews-susan-mellen-freed-from-prison-after-17-years-200940337.html Ebola Update Where in the World is Kim Jong Un?  Plus: Martha vs Gwyneth Tuesday Trends

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