Mon, 30 December 2013

Lian and Liz catch up and discuss:

Great Christmas Gifts

Movie & Audio Book Round-Up

The Dialect Quiz from the New York Times

Advice on Caring fro Aging Parents: Putting Dad in a home

And Lian announces her new theme for 2014

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Sun, 15 December 2013

New Show for Today! Lian Dolan and Liz Dolan on:

Breaking Nana News

Tracking Robert Pattinson

Stitcher Awards

CEO News from GM & lululemmon

Dieting News: Eating Nuts and Negative Tracking

SantaCon 2013

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Tue, 3 December 2013

Lian and Julie connect on air to discuss:

Deep Fried Turkeys

Plastic Bag Ban Incident

Nana’s Rules for Santa Photos

The Diffferences betweenes Men’s and Women’s Brains

Tuesday Trends

The Top Baby Names

And Lian’s Novels are the Kindle Daily Deal

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Sun, 27 October 2013

Julie, Liz, Sheila and Lian connect and cover:

Julie’s Breaking News and who is Dr. Commando

RIP Lou Reed and Marcia Wallace

International News Round Up: Women of the World

The Fisher cat update

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Tue, 22 October 2013

Lian and Julie on the show today:

Update of the 5 Things Successful People do before 8 am

Tuesday trends: Men in Grocery Stores; Halloween Costumes and the Running of the Bulls

Picks & Pans: Sisterland and The Fifth Estate

Scary Symptoms and Wild Animals

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Tue, 15 October 2013

Lian and Julie:

News round up: Designated Driver Teen, Maddie McCann and Rihanna in Puket

Family Traudtions Upheld

5 Things Super Successful People do before 8 am

Gap Year Update

Picks & Pans:

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Sat, 12 October 2013

Julie, Liz and Lian on the air covering:

Our Objections to the Nobel Peace Prize winner & more

The Pasadena Innovation Summit: Four Points for the Future

From O, The Oprah Magazine: Take the Quiz on What’s Your Worry Threshold

Pick & Pans

Social Media Round-up


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Tue, 8 October 2013

Julie and Lian connect on Tuesday to talk about:

New Orleans + Baton Rouge Junior League visits

International News Round-up: Ski Reort in North Korea; Olympic Fauz-Pas; Inside Ikea and Quiz

I am Malala: Lian uses the bravestr girl int he world as a guilt-trip for her teenagers

Lian’s New Magazine Column  VERY PASADENA from Pasadena Magazine

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Sat, 28 September 2013

Liz, Sheila and Lian connect on thsi week’s call:

Sheila has Advice for Dating Younger Men

Liz reveals her instructions for the worst meeting idea ever

Lian gets emails from a Literary Dental Hygeniest and the Ocean Spray Cranberry Club

Plus, Details on the Satellite Sisters Dalllas Meet-up


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Tue, 24 September 2013

Julie and Lian Take on the Tuesday show:


Lian’s stint as celebrity auctioneer turns racy

Julie’s Picks and Pans.  Don’t go see Prisoners but do read The Spy Who Loved by Claire Mulley

Lian has advice for Katie Couric and The Barkiest Dogs

Plus, we announce a Dallas Meet-up for September 30

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Sat, 14 September 2013

Julie, Liz and Lian Cover:

Putin the Peacemaker and Julie’s classic Russion analogy

Liz is off to the Google Zeitgeist Summit. Hear about her fellow Googlers

Lian reports on breaking grocery store news

Plus, Chico’s Update, Mother/Son Communicationa nd our new fall schedule

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Sun, 17 March 2013

Julie , Monica and Lian connect on St. Patrick’s Day to discuss the news of the week:

The new Pope

Justin Timberlake

The End of the Big East

Julie and Lian in a Generational face-off on Sheryl Sandberg: Boomers vs. Xers


Monica’s Bundling Bungle

And a bra that does what?

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Sun, 20 January 2013

Julie, Liz, Lian and Sheila on the week’s news and events:

Lance Armstrong

Fake Girlfriends and other excellent fake ideas

The Rollercoaster in Dallas

The Golden Globes and Jodie Foster

New for 2013: Cars, Cooking and Training

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Mon, 12 November 2012

Julie, Liz and Lian reconnect to fill listeners in on the turn of events in the lives  of their parents:

Julie reports on how her dad with Alzheimers is adusting to Dallas, Texas

Liz reports on our mother’s cancer diagnosis and what’s happening at Care Central in Santa Monica

Lian reports on her two root canals

and all the Sisters need to talk about Gen. Petraeus

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Sun, 19 August 2012

Today on the show, Liz, Julie, Sheila and Lian connect and discuss:

The Rollercoaster Report: More on the ups and downs of caring for aging parents

In the News: West Nile Virus in Dallas; Pussy Riot in Moscow; Bra Genie in South Pasadena

Fall Fashion Preview: The Top Ten trends we can wear now. And those we shouldn’t.

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Tue, 24 July 2012

Lian and Julie connect on a Tuesday morning to discuss the headlines and more. On this show:

The Colorado Shootings: Julie’s view from Colorado

Thank you, Sally Ride, National Hero

Yahoo’s New CEO: Marissa Mayer. Can she have it all? Julie says no and Lian say yes.

Tiger Woods: Is it wrong to root against him?

Penn State Sanctions

And an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new tech project Sweets & Bitters:

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Sat, 14 July 2012

Liz, Julie Monica an dLian on the show today.

Julie is back from London with her totally unauthorized Olympic Preview

Liz is back from Comic Con with her favorite moments from the geek fest

Lian is back from vacation and not coping well with the new plastic bag ban

and Monica is back from an epic Group On fail, otherwise known as 30 bucks wasted

Plus, Satellite Sisters Fitness Challenge winner announced

and don’t miss the audio book give-away at

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Sun, 24 June 2012
Liz and Lian connect on a busy Sunday for both but sqeezed in a show:Liz explains how our sponsor Sol de Janiero almost cause an International Incident at Heathrow.TV News: Liz’s review of Newsroom,  The Killing Season Finale and Rielle HunterLian give Emceeing Tips for Future EmceesLiz needs Staycation tip and family update..
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Sun, 20 May 2012
Satellite Sisters 052012: Sheila’s Big Night Out; JP Morgan Scandal & Are you’re Comfy Clothes making you Tired?

Satellite Sisters to Go Podcast

On the show this week:

Liz, Lian and Sheila with life updates: beauty treatments galore; home improvements and shopping with seniors

Plus, Liz on developments on the Morgan scandal and Lian has all the Reasons you’re Exhausted

Nike Plus updates and Don;t forget this when you head to the beach

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The Latest Show:
March 25, 2012

Where have the sisters been? An update.

St. Patrick’s Day Victory Dance by Sheia

Liz goes to India

Julie tests the Stuntmeter on the Goldman Sachs Guy

Plus, evidence of aging and more

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Sunday , February 26, 2012

Entertaining Sheila + Julie, Liz and Monica on all their faves who will NOT win tonight. Ask Sheila any question about her Oscar picks and her answer is Ryan Gosling, despite the fact that he is not nominated for anything.  Oh, well. Ask Julie about her Oscar picks and the answer is pretty much “Please. Anyone but The Artist!.” On today’s Satellite Sisters, Liz and Monica chime in with their Oscar faves, too, plus: Monica wants to know if it’s true that “one is the quirkiest number” Julie has her report from Mardi Gras plus, yes, she finally bought a new computer. And now everything’s a mess. Liz recommends an audiobook in the spirit of the Satellite Sisterhood And all the sisters love the listener idea of holding a Carry-On Coat Contest.  You’ll just have to listen to understand.

Direct download: ss022612.mp3 Sunday , February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lian!  Liz and Monica start the show by wishing youngest sister Lian a happy birthday.  She started the day with a mad dash to the drugstore to get Benedryl for her son’s bad allergic reaction.  Let’s hope the day gets better from there.  Then discussion turns to Macchu Picchu, malaria pills and more.  Monica has a suggestion about carry-on luggage that dumbfounds us (and probably the TSA.) Meanwhile, she waits for the official word that this year she finally DID score the HGTV Dream House! Lian’s more focused on winning the Downton Abbey sweepstakes. And Liz wants your suggestions about what she should do on her one day in Mumbai.  You heard that right.  One day.

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Sunday , February 12, 2012

Satellite Sisters Julie and Liz talk about the sad death of Whitney Houston.  Yes, we LOVED The Bodyguard and we are NOT embarrassed to say so.  And let’s just retire the National Anthem right now.  There will NEVER be a better Superbowl version.  Also on today’s show, Julie reports that she magically mastered speaking Italian this week.  Molto bene! Plus, breaking news: Satellite Sisters Stick Up For A Supermodel. If we were married to Tom Brady, we would have done the same thing Giselle did.  Plus loads of responses to you from The Satellite Sisters Facebook Group, our twitter feed @SatSisters, our blog at, and our email at

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Sunday , 5 February 2012

Satellite Sisters on soapboxes this week!  Julie, Liz, Monica and Lian cover all the news this week from Susan G. Komen and Facebook to Julie’s burst water heater and Monica’s trip to New Orleans.  Lian recommends the documentary Miss Representation and wants to know from her older sisters:  what ever happened to the ERA anyway?

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January 27,2012

  • Lian and Julie represent
  • International News: Seal Team Six, London Olympics, Dogs in Machu Picchu
  • Does Nagging kill a marriage? You bet. Julie has action steps to stop nagging.
  • Celebrity news: Drunk Pat Sajak, Kim Kardashian thrown over; and Paula Deen eats a Cheeseburger
  • And Julie gives Lian fashion advice

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January 22, 2012

  • Lian experiences root canal rage
  • Monica makes a radical make-up maneuver – buying make-up with some online friends.
  • Sheila continues her experiment with civilized living
  • Liz’s haircut panic opens up a whole new world
  • And all the sisters have more to say on the Costa Concordia.

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January 15, 2012

  • Julie, Liz and Monica agree that a Tuscan cruise is NOT in their future.
  • Julie has a big idea for a whole new business.  Apple meets Chicos?
  • Monica is suspicious of the nice young man who came to her door canvassing.  Liz and Julie agree.
  • Liz has some TV tips (Portlandia! Titanic!) and a progress report on an unexpected online fitness competition that she’s actually enjoying. Not winning.  Only enjoying.

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January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

  • Julie’s visit to North Korea last year gives her a unique perspective on the death of Kim Jong Il.
  • Liz loves the all caucus/primary hoopla but is not sure we need QUITE this many Republican debates (Two in the last 24 hours?  Really?)
  • Sheila sticks up for Madonna’s right to perform at the Super Bowl and is ready to believe Beyonce.
  • Julie has her first Kindle moment and is concerned she may never again see the inside of a bookstore.
  • And Sheila’s new 2012 experiment?  Bird-watching!  If only she could get the right footwear.

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January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

  • Julie’s visit to North Korea last year gives her a unique perspective on the death of Kim Jong Il.
  • Liz loves the all caucus/primary hoopla but is not sure we need QUITE this many Republican debates (Two in the last 24 hours?  Really?)
  • Sheila sticks up for Madonna’s right to perform at the Super Bowl and is ready to believe Beyonce.
  • Julie has her first Kindle moment and is concerned she may never again see the inside of a bookstore.
  • And Sheila’s new 2012 experiment?  Bird-watching!  If only she could get the right footwear.

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December 18, 2011

Dolan Holiday Hilarity, Monica’s search for the perfect White Elephant, Julie’s beef with the NHL, Lian’s dismay about Howard Stern in prime time and Liz’s customer service kudos.

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December 4, 2011

Julie’s taken over the controls this week and she’s joined by Sheila & Monica for some news, more talk and mostly laughs.

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November 27, 2011

Julie & Liz award Satellite Sister of the Week to longtime listener and facebook friend Leslie Maxfield for sharing her excitement about the launch of Mars-bound Curiosity with us.  Leslie, who works at Cal Tech, was at the Kennedy Space Center for the big event. In other news, Julie bonds with an air marshal, Liz has an issue with Harry & David, and the Satellite Sisters export both Diane Keaton’s haircut and Chico’s to Kyrgyzstan.

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November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!  We have plans.  What are yours?

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November 13, 2011

Liz is live from London with some surprises. Julie’s a Penn State alum and has some words on that.  Lian gives us the scoop on her HGTV pitch (sounds like a winner to us!) And Monica confesses some dirt on her dirty dishes.

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November 6, 2011

All FIVE Sisters!  Julie introduces new segment: Cranky or Cause? Sheila bombs at a book fair, Lian’s got a brand new TV concept, Monica has a Dunder Mifflin moment and Liz updates us on her anxious dog situation.

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October 30, 2011

The Satellite Sisters troubleshoot their new apps.  Good news for iPhone users.  Not so much for Androids.
Also, Julie’s gift of an iPad to her husband has far-reaching unintended consequences.  Lian’s got a new thing going with Diane Keaton.  Monica’s experiencing Extreme Nesting.  And Liz is the victim of a Ham Scam.  Happy Halloween to all.

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October 23, 2011

A HUGE announcement.  Entertaining Sheila (sort of) on “Drive” and doing the right thing.

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October 16, 2011

Julie, Liz, Sheila & Monica have a full report from the Wedding of the Century/Dolan Family Extravaganza in New Orleans.

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September 25, 2011

We have a report from Lian and Sheila about the comedy show they did this weekend in Pasadena.  Plus, Monica’s pizza fiasco – how an extra Hawaiian pie almost collapsed her fragile financial structure. And behind the scenes at the Emmys with Liz!

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September 11, 2001 – September 11, 2011

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, The Satellite Sisters replay the first show they recorded in New York City after 9/11/2001.

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September 5, 2011

Julie, Liz, Sheila and Monica connect and cover their thoughts about the 9/11 10th Anniversary and the family plans to gather in New Orleans next month.

Plus, Sheila’s plan for the new school year with her third-graders, Monica’s newfound love of kayaking, Julie’s top picks for the new Dancing With The Stars cast and Liz’s interview with the Department of Homeland Security.

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August 27, 2011

Julie, Lian and Liz just recorded this week’s Satellite Sisters. We are hoping to get it posted before webmaster Sarah’s power goes out in NYC.

(power’s still on, so here ya go! — Sarah)

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August 21, 2011

A quick catch-up on what we’re up to:

  • Monica and Liz have a status update for all the sisters.
  • Liz’s #1 issue is that she is supposed to arrive in the Dominican Republic at the same time as Hurricane Irene!
  • Monica’s trying out a canoe trip this week. Lots of guidance on how to update your subscription to our show
Direct download: ss082111.mp3
  • Liz’s speed tour of Istanbul – 2000 years in a day.
  • Julie’s alternative TV universe – yes, there is a channel where the debt ceiling debate does not exist. It’s spelled TLC.
  • Monica’s alternative universe is Craigslist. She’s found the perfect ad for a simple service she could really use.

Direct download: ss073111.mp3

  • Monica talks about Portland’s very own Carmageddon
  • Sheila reviews the latest prodcuts and services from her fave Duane Reade
  • Liz weighs in on Google Plus
  • The end of Friday Night Lights

Direct download: ss071711.mp3

  • Julie, Liz and Sheila cover Betty Ford, Daniel Craig and striped boatneck tees.

Direct download: ss071011.mp3

Happy 4th of July on July 5th.


  • Holiday report includes the Bend Pet Parade news from Monica and Liz
  • Royal report includes some sisterly advice from Sheila and Julie
  • Home Improvement issues from Lian and Julie
  • Entertaining Sheila’s review of Larry Crowne
  • And a whole lot MORE
Direct download: ss070511.mp3

  • The Dolan Connection to Whitey Bulger
  • More bad business travel news
  • Your audiobook recommendations and
  • Ferris Bueller Dolan’s uncanny resemblance to the Travelers Insurance dog Chopper.
Direct download: ss062611.mp3

June 12, 2011

  • Julie, Liz & Monica are gearing up for July 4th.  What are your plans?
  • Breaking dog news
  • Clearing up some iTunes issues with our new batch of archived shows

June 12, 2011

  • Sheila extolls the virtues of end-of-school-year gift cards
  • Julie jumps on the Dallas Mavericks bandwagon (albeit a little late)
  • Lian asks: What if our work emails were released to the public at large
  • Liz has the question of the week: Would YOU want to use an “ass-cam?”

June 6, 2011

  • Lian, Julie and Liz on the French Open, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, ice cube recipes, a history of bad haircuts and which sister is qualified to be Toast Ambassador.

May 29, 2011

  • Liz & Lian: Gracie Awards ’11 Round-up
  • Julie: Presidential Summit Round-up
  • Monica:  Miami “Vice” Round-up

May 23, 2011

Classic Episode Alert!




  • The “Chicken Incident”
  • Lab Rats test foot creams
  • Snuggle up on the Cozy Couch with Sheila




May 17, 2011



  • Julie & Liz on personal growth;
  • movies to see (and not see) with your parents;
  • boosting your personal charisma;  and
  • (oh no!) the dangers of balsamic vinegar!




May 8, 2011


This week’s show is all about breakthroughs:



  • We discuss the death of OBL and what to do about the fake photos of his dead body that showed up at Satellite Sisters HQ
  • Sheila unveils her revolutionary Top Chef-inspired curriculum
  • Julie explains what a “sip and see” party is and and tells us about her very close encounter with a very important person
  • Liz has a breakthrough marketing idea that is going to change air travel as we know it.




April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Recap!




  • Julie, Liz, Sheila and Monica on The Royal Wedding: We  weigh in on the Windsors, the Beckhams, the bugles, the Bentleys and Satellite Sister of the Week (Pippa).
  • Plus Liz and Sheila have a big night on the town in Hollywood.




April 25, 2011

Blast From The Past!




A classic episode from the Satellite Sister Vault!

  • Lab Rats test Recycled Paper Products (tissues & Paper towels)
  • Sheila admits she’s not the best restaurant patron
  • Liz’s Geek Squad Pain




April 3, 2011



  • Julie, Liz & Lian on how history seems to be repeating itself and what we can learn from the past.
  • Thank goodness for the Bronx Zoo Cobra and those yakking twin babies – sometimes you just need a reprieve.




March 27, 2011

  • Remembering Geraldine Ferraro




March 20, 2011

  • Julie’s Mardi Gras
  • Sheila’s love of Bethenny
  • Monica’s Fitness Update
  • Liz’s Mea Culpa.




February 27, 2011



  • Entertaining Sheila has some last minute Oscar picks
  • Julie’s last minute Mardi Gras prep




February 21, 2011



  • Monica fills us in on her new exercise program, her mystery celebrity sighting in Portland and  Sheila’s limited connectivity issues.
  • Liz tells us all about everything she learned at the controls of the Daytona 500 and the upgrades she made to the Satellite Sisters Technical Operations Center
  • Julie has a report from the First Ladies Desk, thoughts on Lara Logan and news on what Lian’s up to today.




February 13, 2011



  • Monica’s Midnight Neurology Runs
  • Liz’s Brush With Death
  • Julie’s International News Roundup




February 6, 2011



  • Liz experiences a customer service epic fail
  • Julie wants to be queen of the MOG’s
  • Lian has Helen news




January 30, 2011



  • Monica Liz and Julie discuss family Bar Mitzvah
  • A visit to Cairo
  • Movies we won’t see and movies we love
  • Plus: Julie’s Mother of the Groom anxiety.




January 6, 2011



  • Lian, Liz and Julie set goals for 2011
  • Lian’s book tour to Dallas
  • Julie’s Royal Wedding plans




December 3, 2010



  • Lian’s Helen Update, Julie’s International News Round-up and Liz’s Movie Picks




November, 2010


























































The Satellite Sisters Word-Write Festival!

Week 3

Week 2



Week 1

October 30, 2010



























































  • Lian’s Got Helen News
  • Julie’s Got Family News
  • Liz  and Lian cover The Supremes, First Ladies and Robert Redford.




October 22, 2010



  • Julie and Liz review Halloween plans, election news and local mummies




October 11, 2010



  • Lian’s Search for a REAL Helen of Pasadena and Julie’s International News Round-Up.




October 5, 2010



  • So long, Gentle Iron.  Sheila has a new Skype name and a POV on The Social Network.  Monica has started a Mai Tai Fund and has music recommendations, and Liz has a work-back schedule for the Helen of Pasadena launch.




September 26,  2010

  • The Satellite Sisters answer the question:  which is worse – a week on North Korea or a root canal?  Julie was in North Korea and Lian was in the dental surgeon’s chair.




September 19,  2010

  • Sheila, Monica and Liz on Health, Cars, Glasses, Schedules and Lian




September 10,  2010

  • Julie’s going … WHERE?!!
  • Lady Gaga’s meat dress explained
  • Liz recounts her adventures in NFL locker rooms
  • Have you ever cheated on your dog?




September 10,  2010

  • Headline News, Julie’s tornado experience, Matthew Fox with a fringe on top, paper dresses and Liz has birthday plans!




September 3,  2010



  • Liz, Julie (with a special guest appearance by Lian) talk about our BRAND SPANKING NEW  sponsor.  Be sure to enter “What Works for Me” for your chance to win!




August 27,  2010



  • Liz, Julie and Lian are up for some Satellite Sister Faves:

    International News Round-Up! Customer Service Nightmares! And more from Lizland on Larryland




August 24,  2010



  • Liz and Lian reminisce about their emotional college drop-off
  • News Round up: Miners, Idols and Larry
  • What’s coming up in September?  We’ve got a sneak peek here!




August 4,  2010



  • We want your summer pictures!
  • Julie needs advice
  • International News Round Up
  • We have a couple of things to say about that Bachelorette



July 20,  2010



  • Entertaining Sheila takes on the new movie theater in town and while she’s as it, gives us her thoughts on “Inception”
  • Plus: Have YOU been wearing the wrong-sized bra all these years?

Listen Now!

July 13,  2010



  • Happy Birthday Julie!
  • Quantum leaps in digital technology as Liz & Julie celebrate Julie’s birthday —  Skype style!
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Julie Dolan answered by Julie Dolan




July 11, 2010



  • Liz’s stunning win in the World Cup and Lian’s gracious concession
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Monica Dolan answered by Monica Dolan,
  • Lab Rats (well one Rat anyway) on favorite new products, services and stores
  • PLUS shocking Bend celeb sighting.  Jack!  We thought you were LOST!!!




July 2, 2010



  • Lian & Sheila catch up
  • Sheila is back doing two of the things she loves: swimming and visiting the Korean day spa
  • Sheila gives Lian advice! A Satellite Sisters first?

Listen Now!

June 24, 2010

  • Liz resumes her position behind the mic at Satellite Sisters Omnimedia!
  • Lian welcomes her back  — with a few new rules.
  • Liz needs fashion advice and some medical care.