U2! Wonder Woman! Clam-Chowdah Soaked Toast!

Lian Dolan U2 Rose Bowl

Lian went to both U2 shows at the Rose Bowl this weekend, which makes us reflect both on the joyfulness of music and the horror of the attack in Manchester yesterday.

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan are full of entertainment advice – still loving U2, why you need to support the new Wonder Woman movie, what’s in Deborah Tannen’s Very Satellite Sisters new book, wisdom from Tracee Ellis Ross on Blackish and alert for Conrad the Unicorn on America’s Got Talent.  Plus reflections on the Manchester bombing, enjoying some family graduations and toast.  Thank goodness for toast.

First up, Lian attended both U2 shows at the Rose Bowl this weekend.  It was not only a chance to enjoy her favorite band play music from her favorite album, but a time to experience the joyfulness of music.  This makes the awful bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester that much more horrifying. Our hearts go out.

On Tuesday shows, we go deep on shallow topics so this week we say “Thank you, Pippa!”.  With all the sad, bad news lately, we really needed the awesome photos of your million-dollar wedding to Whats-His-Name, as Julie calls him.  Well done, sister!

Liz attended the graduation of two of our nieces from NYU at Yankee Stadium last week.  A great event and special thanks to the vendors who opened up the merchandise booths to sell Yankee caps to all the guests sweltering in the 97 degree sun at 11 am.  Cash only?  No problem!

Julie has breaking toast news.  Check out this recipe: Chowder-Soaked Toast.  Chowdah + Toast. Say no more.

More entertainment recommendations from us this week:

recipes Satellite Sisters

Liz tells the tale of how Grilled Cheese with Maduros from Pilar in Brooklyn caused an Operation Sea Turtle setback, but Julie swears that nothing could be better than this Chowder-Soaked Toast recipe from the New York Times. .

Watch the new Love Actually sequel on Red Nose Day Thursday May 25 on NBC. It’s only 12 minutes. Phew.

Support female filmmakers by seeing Wonder Woman when it opens next weekend.  Lian interviewed  producer Deborah Snyder who reinforced how hard they worked to have women involved in every major part of the film, including director Patty Jenkins.

Also stay tuned for Megan Leavey starring Kate Mara.  The true story of a Marine MP trying to adopt her dog Rex. Just watched this trailer. Crying already.

Read this article by our cousin Hannah Kirshner about growing up in the same town where Twin Peaks is set.  We LOVE all of chef Hannah’s food recommendations.

And finally, Lian reports that her balloon artist friend’s audition on America’s Got Talent will air on the premiere next week.  You have to turn out to support Conrad The Unicorn!


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